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This month in voices: October 2013

As I mentioned in a previous post, Melbourne might currently be voice-hearing’s second city (after Utrecht), and sure enough, this month we’ll start with some research from this fine city. As a quick aside, the city now known as Melbourne … Continue reading

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This month in voices: September 2013

This month’s research is brought to you courtesy of the appalling England Cricket Team, whose performances I’m so desperate to avoid that I’ve returned to blogging earlier than expected.   Brooklyn, New York, USA. Cohen and colleagues investigate what the … Continue reading

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This month in voices: August 2013

Plenty more research in August, including (inevitably yet thankfully) some from Utrecht. What is the official slogan of the Utrecht Tourist Board I hear you ask. Well, as you ask, it is “Utrecht: Too much fun for one day”. And … Continue reading

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