This month in voices: February 2017

There was a good variety of research into voice-hearing in February 2017.

As you may have guessed, due to the late posting, time is not currently my friend. Indeed, our relationship is always fraught. This month is hence rather abbreviated.


The most advanced and miraculous object in the known Universe. Yuck.


  • One study finds that stronger neural connectivity from Broca’s area (speech production) to the auditory cortex (speech perception) is associated with more severe voice-hearing, suggesting alterations within the brain’s language network are involved in voice-hearing. 
  • However, another study finds Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation leads to improvements in people’s voices, but that it was not accompanied by changes in the connectivity of the brain’s language network.



Coming to America



Help for those distressed by voices


Also, as I’ve had a book published on voice-hearing since February, I should probably throw in a mention of that too. You can find details and get hold of it on the UK or US site of Amazon. Thanks again for everyone who allowed me the honour of telling some of their story in the book. As part of the publication process, I also wrote a number of blogs on voice-hearing. Some of these may be of interest. Here’s one in the Irish Times.

Anyway, apologies again for the heavily abbreviated blog. Maybe you prefer this though; easier to navigate? Let me know!


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