This month in voices: Spring 2017

It’s been a while. Not only a great song by Staind, but also an accurate observation on when I last gave you an up-to-date blog.

In an attempt to catch you (and me) up with the latest voice-hearing research, here are the papers that caught my eye this Spring (up to the end of June).

In my last blog I mentioned a study of paranormal experiences in nurses, which got plenty of interest. Nothing similar this month, I’m afraid. No studies of out-of-body experiences in opticians, telepathy in teachers, or bus drivers encountering bigfoot. Well, no formal studies anyway…


If you leave to head to YouTube now, to find out more about the Bus Driver and Bigfoot, I’m going to be very disappointed. What’s that? Did I watch the rest of the video myself? Look, that’s not the point…*

Here’s this Spring’s voice-hearing research.



Ringing arse syndrome: coming soon to a DSM near you.





Hearing Voices Movement

Bits and blogs

I published a number of blogs in this period, which may be of interest, including:

I also wanted to flag this great blog by Rachel Rappell.

And here’s a quick shout out to three conferences involving voice-hearing that are coming up this year:

And finally, huge congratulations to Eleanor Longden.

Her magnificent TED talk reached 4 million views this month.

A phenomenal achievement.


See you next month!


*If you do watch the video, and want to know what the BFRO is, it’s the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. And if you get to the end, you will be rewarded by a fantastic sign-off line. As it happens, an article this week argued “squatching” can have its benefits.

**This seemed funny at the time of writing. It was late.

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